Thursday, 25 November 2010

Need to choose a date for an event?

I am often asked  by people thinking about running an event as to when there is a gap in the calendar. Unsurprisingly, the summer is a difficult time to squeeze an event in as so much competition is there. Well here's my tip - try November. Apart from the many carnivals earlier in the month, there is very little that is established in the annual event calendar. The last weekend or two have the start of Christmas gift shows and fairs but really Christmas does not become a disruptive influence to events until closer to the end of the month. As far as the feared weather goes, well the mildness in the first half of November was perfect. So, think about it. May be this time next year you will be eagerly promoting your own event and letting me know about it. For those who don't like shopping or carnivals, there is nothing much to do in November and you can be ideally placed to take advantage.

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