Sunday, 24 July 2011

Jools Holland - Sherborne Castle

It's the slightly manic grin that walks on stage first, followed by the rest of Jools Holland and his R&B orchestra. He's a showman fronting some prodigious talent, hard work and excitement at being on stage. His piano playing is so dextrous that I feel like giving up ever playing again. The R&B engine gets into gear with several warming numbers before Louise Marshall, superb vocalist gives a poigant slow blues interlude dedicated to Amy Winehouse. Ironically, this was ruined for us due to some drunk ladies being ignorant. The pack a picnic and party advice does come at a cost. In Vivary Park Taunton two years ago it was the gents needing bouncer 'assistance' to make an early exit. Sandie Shaw gave an interesting 60s meets Jools interlude starting with Love Me Do. I liked her Puppet on a String, slow groove and winsome, although some did not. I heard she doesn't like singing it and her approach was constructive. She was fun, her attire looking like some curtain offcuts from a bin out the back of Fine Fabrics. The funky shorts seemed to be deliberately barking. Like Jools, part of Ruby Turner's anatomy arrives on stage before the rest of her, and as usual, she gave a thunderous vocal performance. It's all a great formula.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Brewer's Arms South Petherton

With so many weddings in July and August, you would think that publicans would be switched on to anniversary lunches and open Monday lunchtimes during the summer. We needed to celebrate our first on Monday - Feast, Ilminster - closed (infuriating place to make contact with, will lose patience soon), George in Seavington - closed, Over Stratton - closed - so we chanced upon the Brewer's Arms. Bar had aroma of the gents loos so we turned left (like on a 747) into the restaurant, slight mexican decor. There's a 2 course deal some lunchtimes, the carrot and ginger soup was too salty which eclipsed any ginger/carrot experience. Steak and Ale pie was excellent, veg a bit drab. It was the wrong choice for a hot day (my fault), should have tried the rump steak or chicken/chorizo salads. Fishcakes on salad was chosen by the beloved who liked it. Worth going back to check the full evening menu, which if I was not so tight we would have done for this anniversary.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Yeovilton Air Day

The tension began to build as we sat in the stands waiting, anticipating the roar and vibration of the ground. Thousands of people glaring into the clouds. Then as expected but better, the red white and blue thundered across the sky, sending powerful shockwaves throughout the air. The red arrows were just one of the many highlights of the yeovilton air show this year. Helicopters doing tricks never thought imaginable, a Russian jet which quite literally mad the ground shake. Britain’s most high tech aircraft technology and engineering, all in one place. It was hard for the air show to propel past the absence of the patriotic Harrier, but in my opinion, I think they did great. I did not think of the plane once during the show and was admiring all of England’s past aerial achievements’. Such as the Vulcan, which I will describe as the shadow of the sky, and I’m glad it was impressive, since it did cost around £8 million to restore.     By Hugo Lagnado