Monday, 11 July 2011

Yeovilton Air Day

The tension began to build as we sat in the stands waiting, anticipating the roar and vibration of the ground. Thousands of people glaring into the clouds. Then as expected but better, the red white and blue thundered across the sky, sending powerful shockwaves throughout the air. The red arrows were just one of the many highlights of the yeovilton air show this year. Helicopters doing tricks never thought imaginable, a Russian jet which quite literally mad the ground shake. Britain’s most high tech aircraft technology and engineering, all in one place. It was hard for the air show to propel past the absence of the patriotic Harrier, but in my opinion, I think they did great. I did not think of the plane once during the show and was admiring all of England’s past aerial achievements’. Such as the Vulcan, which I will describe as the shadow of the sky, and I’m glad it was impressive, since it did cost around £8 million to restore.     By Hugo Lagnado

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